Veterans Day 2019 – Honor Them Today By Joining The Heroes Linked Program

Today is dedicated to celebrating American veterans, and we are pleased to do so. And so should you.

MVAT, however, is committed to empowering veterans and their families every day of the year. And one way we do so is through our Heroes Linked program.

The vast majority of U.S. veterans Рeach year their ranks swell by an additional 200,000 Рwill have post-military careers that last far longer than their time in uniform. And they start these careers at a disadvantage compared to those that did not serve in the military. A disadvantage that can affect their lifetime earnings. Earnings that support their families.

Your network is (or was) the most important factor in your career success. Upon leaving the military, veterans don’t have such a network. Heroes Linked gives them the means to rapidly create one.

So, get involved. It’s free. It’s easy.

Remember, it’s not about a job, it’s about a career.

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There is no better day to choose to get involved than today, Veterans Day!