Veterans Day 2015 – A Day of Gratitude

Veterans Day is the one day on the calendar set aside for showing gratitude to all who served in defense of our country. For the vast majority of us – Americans who did not serve – it’s a needed reminder that just 6 percent of our population of 319 million put their youth on hold and their lives at risk to defend the rest of us, and half of them are now over the age of 65.

wounded Vets at classic

Combat wounded Veterans enjoying the 2015 golf tournament celebrating Medal of Honor recipients, the U.S. military, and the MVAT Foundation beneficiary organizations serving Veterans and their families in need.

So, today – November 11, 2015 – say “Thank you for your service” to every Veteran and service member you

encounter. Don’t wait for a chance meeting; seek them out if you are able. It’s not an empty gesture. It has power and meaning.

And you don’t have to let it end there. You can be an advocate for them the rest of the year as well. In fact, you can make a difference in the life of a Veteran. The many ways you can help include:

    • Letting your Congressional representatives know that legislation supporting benefits and services for Veterans and their families is important to you.

    • Volunteering to assist a local charity serving the needs of Veterans in your community, or even better, get involved and take a leading role in their operations.

    • Making a contribution to one or more efficient and effective charities serving Veterans in need.

And for all the other days of the year that you encounter a Veteran or currently serving member of the military, thank her or him for their service.

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