Those Whom We Honor Today

No matter how you celebrate today, Memorial Day 2022, please take a minute to think of why you can.

Forty-seven million men and women over our history, many of whom came home in a coffin covered by the American flag, put on a uniform, and fought for our freedom. To them, it was a high price worth paying. They never got to be with their family for a barbeque, a swim in a lake, a round of golf, or to be together in the backyard.

We, the beneficiaries of their heroism, do. Think about this today: It is the soldier, not the journalist who gives us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the cleric who gives us freedom of religion. It is the soldier, not the lawyer who guarantees our right to a fair trial. And it is the soldier, not the writer or poet who gives us freedom of speech.

All of the rights and privileges which make us what we are as a people, we owe to those who have fought, first to create and then to preserve them. Many of them never benefited because they gave all.

They and those we lost over time are whom we honor on this Memorial Day. Enjoy, be safe, and remember.

The above was inspired by the writings of Charles M. Province.