Heroes Linked


Heroes Linked is a web-enabled resource that gives Veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses access to personal, phone-based professional development mentoring with private sector professionals.

responsive-devicesHeroes Linked is not “charity” for the community of military Veterans. We believe that given their experiences, professionalism, and real-life leadership skills, American Veterans constitute a tremendous and often untapped or poorly tapped resource for our business community.¬†Assisting in the oftentimes-challenging transition to civilian life is a win-win for the Veterans and their families and the companies that hire them.

Using technologies that were not available even two years ago, Heroes Linked serves as a two-way connection platform to allow Mentor and Veteran Mentee to communicate directly while keeping their personal contact information private. In other words, Heroes Linked provides a geographically and professionally diverse pool of civilian sector Mentors for Mentees to select from and receive personal professional development advice. It is scalable, free, secure, and impactful.