Program Spotlight: Heroes Linked

MVAT’s signature program, Heroes Linked, has seen immense growth in the year 2018. To date, nearly 1,000 service members, veterans, and spouses, and more than 250 advisors have created profiles in Heroes Linked.

Heroes Linked is a program designed to leverage the experience of individuals to guide career decisions and open doors for our veterans and military spouses. This core belief in the strength of networks and their capabilities also extends to the organizational level. Heroes Linked is committed to working with VSOs and other local, state, and national organizations to further our work and deepen our ties to our veterans in their communities. In October and November, Heroes Linked is pleased to welcome two new organizations to the Heroes Linked network as community partners, Still Serving Veterans (SSV) and Project RELO.

Still Serving Veterans, a nonprofit organization based in Alabama, has since its founding in 2006 empowered more than 50,000 veterans with assistance in securing meaningful employment, or the veteran benefits they have earned. Operating primarily in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, Still Serving Veterans will allow Heroes Linked to expand its reach into this veteran rich region and provide additional benefits to SSV and its portfolio of employers.

Project RELO, a nonprofit organization based in Frisco, Texas, is dedicated to educating business executives on the benefits of hiring military veterans. This education occurs during immersive, multi-day leadership courses where veterans and corporate executives conduct simulated military exercises on U.S. Army bases. Participants develop a deep understanding about the character, quality, and full extent of our veterans’ skills. With this understanding comes appreciation, and a desire to hire more of our former military members into their respective organizations.