LAPD Taps Heroes Linked to Reach Veterans Across the USA

The MVAT Foundation’s Heroes Linked Network program and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have launched an initiative to reach veterans across the country about career opportunities within the nation’s third-largest municipal police department.

The awareness campaign kicked off with a video message from LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton, Commanding Officer of LAPD’s Valley Bureau, comprising 2 million residents spread across 260 square miles.

As Chief Hamilton makes clear, the Los Angeles Police Department offers generous incentives for veterans and active-duty personnel transitioning from service to pursue careers with the department.

Watch Chief Hamilton’s Heroes Linked video.

Veterans, Reservists, and Guardsmen are set up for career success in the LAPD.  Tiffany Ayers is not only a Lieutenant in the LAPD,  she is also a Captain in the California Air National Guard. Lt. Ayers added a second video to the campaign.

Watch Lt. Ayers’ Heroes Linked video.

Heroes Linked is a nationwide network of veterans and transitioning active duty service persons who access an ever-expanding network of private and public sector professionals self-selected to provide mentoring, guidance, and skill-building knowledge. Heroes Linked is a career-building program ensuring that those who served in the U.S. military have the same advantages as those who did not serve – a personal professional network to guide them and support them throughout their post service careers.

Heroes Linked offers:

Network – An ever growing body of private and public sector professionals volunteering their time to mentor, advise, and share actionable insights through Heores Linked’s innovative communications platform.
Jobs – A dynamic listing of open positions seeking veteran applicants, currently numbering more than 4,000. Advisors also post Referrals. These are open positions that an Advisor knows about and is willing to work with the Advisee to get them in the best position to apply.
Discussion – An active user blog.
Resources – Current listings of Veteran Friendly Employers, Veteran Serving Organizations, Yellow Ribbon Universities, subsections for Veterans Affairs offices at the Federal, State, County, and City levels.)
Periodic Initiatives – Heroes Linked carries out periodic initiatives like Heroes Hour, a series of live Zoom events bringing together multiple Advisees and Advisors.

The campaign will roll out additional videos featuring veterans serving in the LAPD on a serial basis.