Heroes Linked Growth Accelerates in First Half of 2020

The Heroes Linked program experienced unprecedented growth since 2020 began and that growth has further accelerated as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. The resulting quarantine and social distancing measures have served to highlight advantages inherent to Heroes Linked’s secure online operation. In fact, the number of veterans engaged in the program increased by an incredible 43% between January and the end of April to more than 2,400 with more joining every week.

The year began with a bang. Saturday evening, January 18, in front of an audience of more than 1,100 professional peers, veterans, and distinguished guests, found Heroes Linked taking home a Vetty Award for Employment. The Vettys award outstanding programs positively impacting American veterans and are bestowed by the nonprofit Academy of U.S. Veterans organization after tallying votes submitted by both AUSV members and the public.

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Heroes Linked was lauded for its “demonstrated excellence in easing the challenging transition from the military to the civilian job force, connecting these two worlds and aiding military families in attaining sustainable and meaningful careers.”

Just last month, in the April 8 edition, the Veterans Administration (VA) championed Heroes Linked in its national email weekly newsletter. The article served to highlight a Heroes Linked feature, which had appeared in VA’s VAntage Point blog on February 12.

Noting that Heroes Linked is a VA Vet Resource, the article drew attention to Heroes Linked’s provision of “professional development resources for Veterans, military spouses and transitioning service members. By offering mentoring and other support, the goal is to enhance professional networks, promote professional growth and potentially expand career opportunities.”

Working with local, regional, and national veteran serving organizations, business groups, and professional associations, Heroes Linked has integrated into the fabric of established veteran employment programs around the nation including the program’s inclusion as a resource in the U.S. Army Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP).

Heroes Linked’s continued and accelerating growth is evidence that its services are needed now more than ever.

Why Heroes Linked?

Far too many veterans are ill-prepared to enter or advance in the public and private sector workforces because their ability to develop and cultivate professional contacts was stifled by the demands of military service.

Vetty Award statuette presented to Heroes Linked, Jan. 18, 2020.

In fact, as surveys consistently show, deciding what career path to pursue and not having the necessary tools to connect with employers are the most challenging issues confronting new veterans.

By combining the knowledge held by everyday Americans with the impact of personal connections for both Advisor and veteran, Heroes Linked’s goal is to adapt the mentoring model to fit the needs of a geographically dispersed and growing veteran population.